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Behind a Forager, the Pickers: Wild Food Production’s Other Side

Wild food harvesting is piece-work.

Wild food harvesting is piece-work.

Foraged foods from the wilderness are this year’s hottest trend in natural, ethical eating. They’re lauded as more organic than organic: after all, they grow in the wild, where there aren’t just ‘approved’ pesticides and fertilizers, but none whatsoever. Growing of their own volition, these native species don’t need a farmer to tame them—and perhaps warp their purity, sapping them of taste and nutrient value.

Wild food is also, paradoxically, celebrated as the most local of foods, though the wild was once upon a time the most remote and alien of places. Continue reading


A Treasure Trove in the Canadian Wilderness: One of the Top 25 SSHRC Stories

Just found out I was chosen as one of the Top 25 Storytellers in the Social Science and Humanities Research Council of Canada (SSHRC)’s “Storytellers: Research for a Better Life” contest.

I told a three-minute story about my research into the Canadian wild food trade. Click the play button below to hear it, or download the MP3.